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Workday Adaptive Planning

Operational Planning

Workday makes it easy to bring all of your data into one central system.


Powerful Planning for Your Entire Business

Workday Adaptive Planning helps companies across a wide range of industries seamlessly connect financial and operational data to support faster, smarter, company-wide decision-making.

Demand & Supply Planning

Build demand forecasts with confidence. Generate driver-based supply models to meet demand.



Project Planning

Create comprehensive budgets and forecasts that reflect current projects.

Marketing Planning

Produce marketing plans based on real-time data and deeper insights.

"I think implementing Workday Adaptive Planning has been a significant step forward for our company. To automate planning in a comprehensive manner across the company is setting the foundation for growth."

-Vice President of IT Business Applications, Rubrik

Build alignment, not silos

Workday gives you a single source of truth and visibility across the business—enabling collaboration across departments.

Demand Forecasting & Planning

  • Short term roll-up of sales forecasts

  • Long term market demand planning

  • Promotion, pricing, and new product scenarios

  • Renewals


Supply & Inventory Planning

  • Production planning and unit costs

  • Asset and labor utilization

  • Inventory management and distribution

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  • Grant and student planning (education)

  • Bed utilization, visits and procedures (healthcare)

  • Foot traffic, store unit economics (retail/hospitality)

  • Product volume & profitability (manufacturing)

  • Subscription, streaming, advertising (tech/media)

  • Clinical trials, drug discovery (life sciences)

  • Actuarial, premiums (insurance)

  • Interest margins, AUM (financial services)


Project Planning

  • Portfolio planning

  • Capital project

  • Project spend modeling

  • Capacity planning

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Marketing Planning

  • Campaigns and Programs (Campaign scenarios by timing and channels/Events and tradeshows/Trade promotions/Advertising)

  • Performance Monitoring (Marketing ROI/Vendor analysis/Financial contribution)

  • Scenario Planning(Conversion rates/Cost per lead/What-if analysis)

  • Strategic Planning (Market expansion/Brand investment/Market share/Pricing analysis)


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